Our Story

Welcome! Thank you for joining us!

As three Moms to seven kids, four of those girls, we had a dream to make beautiful handmade Mommy & Me clothing as a way to make time stand still for a moment - another way to create fun memories with our littles. Our intent is to make you and your Mini feel beautiful AND comfortable in every piece you slip on. We have chosen ethically sourced hand printed, hand dyed fabrics from India for the beauty of their color and the exclusivitiy of their prints. We have designed each print with both woman and girl in mind to ensure that, as moms, we would comfortably wear each piece and also make fun and comfortable pieces for our girls.  

We each come from varying backgrounds and locations but, as of now, Rupa and Sim both reside in the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands and Dorey, sunny Southern California. 

As moms - one a hard working eye surgeon, two hard working SAHMs helping to run businesses - we each feel the need to pause time. We feel the struggle between the want to keep our little ones small forever and the need to help them grow. So we decided the one thing we could control were the opportunities we created to connect in these present moments. Soon enough they will be grown but, for now, they look up to us so we are embracing their excitement to be just like their Mama!

With the deepest sincerity of our hearts, Aloha! 

Rupa, Sim, and Dorey